COVID 19 Update

Due to rising concerns regarding Covid 19. All church events &

activities have been cancelled indefinitely; as well the church office is

closed to the public.  We are sorry for any inconvenience but we want

to not only protect you but ourselves as well. If there are any questions

or concerns please feel free to contact either Dolores or Pastor Rose.

We will be attempting to post Pastor Rose’s sermon as well as a children’s

story on Facebook live at 10 am on Sunday. So please go to our facebook

and like and follow it. As well we will be posting updates and info on the

facebook page as well as the website. If we are able the sermon will be

posted for streaming on the website. That is if we can figure out how to

make that work. So please pray for that. We encourage you all to take

whatever precautions you need to in the next few weeks to take care of

yourselves and your families. Also to reach out and help each other as you

are able. But most importantly please pray for all our members to stay healthy

and safe at this time. We know that in all things that God is in control & we

can rest in Him.

If you have access to the internet there are all kinds of resources to find

worship music to listen to as well as many churches are posting a variety of

services. This can help fill the time  being stuck at home and meet

the spiritual needs of not having regular church functions. We may be forwarding

or sharing some of these with you as well.

Much prayers and blessings on you all!!