Letter to the Congregation

Dear Family of Grace Mennonite Church:

I am writing this letter to you on Wednesday April 8, the eve of Maundy Thursday when we start the celebration of Easter. 

On Maundy Thursday at 6 p.m. I encourage each of you to attend our virtual Grace Mennonite Church service on Facebook Live.  (This means without being in the actual physical company of each other)

On Good Friday I encourage you to join the Regina City-Wide Good Friday Service at 10 a.m. through the Harvest City connection also over Facebook Live. 

Then on Sunday we will celebrate Easter again with a virtual church service over Facebook Live.

Praise God for technology which allows us to connect with each other virtually.  During previous pandemics people were totally isolated and alone.

The Month of March has been extremely difficult for all of us.  We are now 3 weeks into physical distancing and self-isolation.  Those who are retired are struggling to remain busy in the absence of their ability to volunteer or visit each other.  Many of the young people have lost their jobs and are worried about finances.  Others have had to adjust to working from their home with family around them. They may be missing the comradery of co-workers. The world as we know it has completely changed overnight.

I want to encourage all of you to celebrate the rising of our Lord from the dead, as we approach Easter.  I want you all to remember, we are not alone though we may be physically alone.  Though we may feel lonely, isolated and abandoned, we are not abandoned.  God through the Holy Spirit is within us. If we listen to the Spirit, He is encouraging us, even though we miss gathering with biological and church families.  Jesus said He would never leave us as orphans.

When this pandemic is over, my prayer is that each of us will be closer to our Lord and be moulded into His Image to be more Christlike, as we have been forced to rely more on His Grace. This time of isolation is an opportune time to consider what is most important in our lives.  We can also take this opportunity to dig deeply into God’s Word and to spend more time in prayer.

Let us not neglect to gather together to worship even it is in front of a screen.  Let us also not neglect to connect with each other via Phone, Facebook, What’s App, Messenger, Snapchat or other social media. Even snailmail. (post a letter)

When this time of quarantine is over let us make sure to meet together in person so as to enjoy each other’s company in person. 

May God Richly Bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.  May He give you His peace as we proclaim to the world — He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

Your Chairperson,

Dolores Logan